All Grills are privately owned. If your rental agent did not specify you could use a grill then you don’t have one. In Florida, outdoor cooking platforms are like part of the kitchen. Stay out of my kitchen. Oh, and don’t get caught walking around with cable cutters!

Fish from one of our four piers only. You may hook a boat line or someones boat! We have some cranky boat owners here that would not like it much if you hooked them while they were cleaning their boat but wishing they were sailing.

Make sure you have your parking pass and ****NO BACKING INTO PARKING SPACES****** Imagine if someone backed right up to your screen door and left the motor running.

And the most important warning of all……..

The plumbing in the buildings is designed to handle human waste and toilet tissue only! If you stop up the toilet on the bottom floor, the people above you may leave a surprise when they flush. That would not be a high point of your vacation.