Water Shut Off – Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The water supply to the entire community will be shut off beginning at 8am on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 (the day after Martin Luther King day) due to a break in the main line. The water will remain shut off until the repairs are effected. Please do not contact the office for updates. The line should be repaired the same day. Owners who rent should advise their... read more

Madeira Way construction project

Well, if there is anything living thing here at the Yacht Club that doesn’t know there is construction going on across the channel to the south of us, there is! That banging in your head is actually pilings being driven deep into the ground to support the eventual building. That pounding is going to go on for a while so we may as well get used to it. The good news is that it will stop someday, and the condominiums that are planned for it are going to be really nice ones – that can only benefit the property values of our little community. Be patient. And wear earmuffs. Those who rent out their units might want to advise potential renters in... read more

Gulf Blvd. Road Work

01082019 Gulf Blvd   Click on the link for details on the planned Gulf Blvd. Road Work set to commence more or less NOW and running through February. The work will impact traffic between the Tom Stuart Causeway and the John’s Pass... read more


Well, hey hey, welcome to all the Snowbirds and visitors from afar! As I’m sure all of you notice, our parking lot is full! Please remember to be safe and to follow the one-way layout of Medallion Blvd. Also, remember, no parking of motorcycles or RV’s or trailers inside the property. No backing in. Drive slow – the speed limit is 10 miles per hour inside. Parking passes must be displayed at all times when on property. Thanks, and have a Happy... read more

Trash Areas

As we come into our 2019 season it is important for all owners and residents to remember to follow the posted signs at the trash areas. Contractor and remodeling materials cannot be put in the bins; large objects cannot be put in or beside the bins; paint, oil and electronics cannot be put in the bins. Cardboard must be broken down. Please recycle. Please do not overfill the bins – use the hatch doors to find available space – don’t just pile trash on other trash. These would all seem common sense and the courteous thing to do since the bins are intended for us by all. Let’s all work together to be a better (and cleaner) community.... read more

Madeira Beach Recreation November Updates

    Madeira Beach Update – News & Events       Parent’s Night Out The Madeira Beach Recreation Center will be offering ‘Parent’s Night Out’ on November 16  from 6-10pm. Ages 5 & up are invited to hang out at the Recreation Center with games and activities available all evening long! (Pre-registration is required) More information here…       Thanksgiving Camp November 19-21 Madeira Beach Recreation offers Thanksgiving Holiday Camp from 7:30am – 5:30pm daily. More information here…       Fitness Classes The Madeira Beach Recreation Center offers an array of Fitness Classes and activities for residents and non-residents alike. Utilizing the new recreation center, new city centre, recreation fields, and our beautiful beaches, an exciting variety of activities will be available throughout the week. Read on…       Become a Sponsor and Partner with all of our events and activities! More information here       City of Madeira Beach 300 Municipal Drive Madeira Beach, FL 33708 www.MadeiraBeachFL.gov 727-391-9951   Madeira Beach Recreation 200 Rex Place Madeira Beach, FL 33708 727-392-0665 www.MadeiraBeachFun.com                   Upcoming November Events Join us in Madeira Beach throughout the month of November at any one of the numerous events or activities going on in our beautiful beach town! Click here for more info!         John’s Pass Tree Lighting and Jingle Bell Fishing Tournament Join us at John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk for the Christmas Tree Lighting and 4th Annual Jingle Bell Fishing Tournament on the evening of December 1st, 2018. More info Here         Holiday Movie Double Feature Join... read more

Temporary Office Hours

For the week of October 8th through October 12th, the Office will be open from 9am until 12pm. The Registration Office by the big pool will be open from 1pm until 4pm, primarily for check in. The Office will resume it’s regular hours on Monday October... read more


The Big Pool will be closed beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018, until further notice for the replacement of the coping tiles. The small pool will remain open. And of course, there is always our lovely beach! Thanks for your cooperation. read more

First Notice – Big Pool Closure

Just a note to let everyone know, the big pool is scheduled to be closed for tile repair beginning September 4th – the day after Labor Day. It will be closed for approximately one month while the work is being done. The small pool will remain open. And of course, the Gulf is open year... read more

Rex Place is open!

At long last our little road is open. The construction folks will be doing clean up for the next couple of weeks. We will be closing the middle and east gates now and returning to normal as far as our access and exiting goes. Please remember Medallion Blvd. is a one-way street and do not drive the wrong way any longer. Thanks to everyone for their patience and... read more

Trash and Recycling protocol

Possibly due to an increase in purchases this year, there seems to be a lot of remodeling going on in the community. Owners need to advise their contractors that construction debris must be removed from the property by the contractor. Construction debris fills up our dumpsters and other folks can’t put regular trash in. Units who are identified as the origin of construction debris will be fined as per the documents of the Association. Electronics can NOT be left out for pick up. Electronics must be disposed of as per the County and Municipal Ordinances. Once again, units who can be identified (through cameras or otherwise) as the source of discarded electronics (TV’s etc.) will be fined as per the documents of the Association. Large objects such as furniture can NOT be left at any trash area or anywhere else on Association property. Signs indicating this are at each trash area and yet some people still leave furniture and other large items. Units and/or unit owners who can be identified as discarding large objects on Association property will be fined as per the documents of the Association. We have many short-term rentals in here now. This may be contributing to the overflow of recycling. While recycling is an admirable and encouraged practice, PLEASE do not overfill the blue recycle bins. There are bins throughout the property and if one is full others can be empty. The City only picks up recycling once a week now (down from two times), so it is on us to maintain our bins. If you are a recycler, going a little extra distance to... read more

The Small Pool

Sorry, gang. The small pool remains closed due to unforeseen complications. The contractor is working as fast as they can to get it done. The big pool, of course, is open for business as usual. read more

MyHOAst Log on Instructions

Logon Instructions for Madeira Beach Yacht Club   This is a link to the log on instructions for the electronic voting website myHOAst. We noted in our last vote for VA funding that several owners had trouble logging in. Hopefully re-posting the instructions will help out. If you have never signed up, please do so. And, on a side note, congratulations to the whole community! We achieved a quorum for this last vote and it passed. It is the first quorum the Association has achieved in 2 1/2 years! Kudos to Rees Noren for his hard... read more

Rex Place closure

Everyone,   Starting Monday 5/14/2015 the entrance to Rex Place will be closed for one week until storm pipe and structures have been installed along the roadway. The residence to the yacht club will have to use the City Hall parking lot temporarily to access the condo entrance. Once the storm drainage is complete on Rex Place Keystone will have another update on the traffic direction for the following week. Keystone will have detour signage in place to help with the direction of traffic. I will update everyone on the next road change.   Keystone will be working on getting Municipal Drive open by end day tomorrow.   If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.     Tina Underwood Deuel & Associates 565 Hercules Avenue Clearwater, Florida 33764 727-822-4151 Office 727-265-0884 Cell  ... read more

Hurricane Preparedness Plan 2018

This year’s Hurricane Preparedness Plan has been posted to the Emergency tab. Please review as we enter our 2018 season. It is important for owners to secure personal items such as patio furniture and grills prior to departure for the season, and to know what to do in case of emergency or evacuation should you be at the property when a storm is... read more

Spectrum Offering

Spectrum wants you back: cut-rate Internet TV package targets cord-cutters <hr size=1 width=”100%” align=center> Jeff Platsky  |  The Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, NY 12:31 p.m. EDT Mar. 30, 2018 Battle of the best streaming boxes: Roku Ultra vs. Apple TV 4K We tested every streaming box you can buy, and our two favorite are both great devices—but which one is right for you? Reviewed.com – Jeremy Stamas and Jackson Ruckar Spectrum apparently has come to the conclusion there’s no turning back the consumer explosion in cord-cutting and streaming television — the cable television giant is making a play to lure traditional cable defectors with a cut-rate Internet television package. Customers who don’t buy traditional cable services nationwide are being solicited for a $21.99 monthly plan that allows them to return to Spectrum TV by selecting 10 channels from the standard cable lineup. The offer ends on April 12, according to a solicitation received by a customer in Binghamton, N.Y. Spectrum’s streaming app looks a bit like traditional cable when it’s opened and also is similar to other streaming apps such as Sling TV. Spectrum Internet is required for the new streaming subscription. TV Choice is being offered to Spectrum Internet-only and Spectrum Internet/voice double play customers “We continue to test and launch new traditional and stream video products to better serve the consumer demand for more choice,” said Laura Pritchard, Spectrum representative. A stunning part of Spectrum’s streaming roll-out is the offer to add on five premium channels, including HBO and Showtime, for $15 a month. HBO alone, through the HBO Now app from HBO, costs $14.99 a month. Showtime directly from Showtime is $10.99 a month. Introduction of an a-la-carte stream... read more

Wind Mitigation

Attention Owners:   This is the time of year that lenders request updated wind mitigation forms. Some lenders require new ones when the current ones expire. However, that is not so for the commercial policy the Association maintains; therefore, there is no need for the Association to update the current wind mitigations for the buildings. Below is the advice of our insurance agent.   Good Morning Thom,   We run into this on occasion.  Unfortunately, the personal lines carriers are requesting updates to your wind mitigation reports that have been expired even though no updates have been made to your roofs or opening protection.  The commercial carriers accept the most current wind mitigation report even if it has expired.  I am not running into any issue and do not need updated wind mitigation reports.   Not all personal lines carriers are requesting new wind mitigation reports so I would suggest new/different carriers to your unit-owners or have their agent force through the current winds mits.  That is, unless, the association chose to obtain new wind mitigation reports or the unit-owner chose to pay to obtain a new report on behalf of their unit.... read more

MBYCC Rental Policies

  With the overwhelming amount of time spent on rentals in our office (that is designed to be the managing agent for the Association and not dealing with the daily routine of rentals) the Board of Directors has decided to fall back on the original documents pertaining to rentals.   This is, in part, due to the huge increase of investment owned units now at MBYCC.  With the increasing amount of rentals not turned into the office in a timely manner, last minute rentals and our office having to follow up on renters that come in with no paperwork at all, at least 60% of the day is dealing with rentals.   On a daily routine, we are asked the best places to eat, asked for supplies for the units, receive daily mail because renters have not been provided mailbox keys for the unit, directions, asking for entry to units because codes have been changed, instructions on how to get in the gate, extra fobs/gate keys, to carry luggage, complaints about the units, sales and rental referrals and the list goes on.   The Association has become so overwhelmed with the increase of rentals that we are now having to bring in temporary help during the turnover at the beginning of the month to help with just the rentals.   One big issue has been the increase of renters showing up with service dogs with no notification from owners or agencies that there will be a service animal on the property.  Owners have not been notified that a service animal is staying in their unit.  It is our office... read more

Pool Wrist Bands

This is a reminder for owners who rent that you much contact the office in writing (email is fine) to allow pool wrist bands to be issued to your tenants. Tenants without wrist bands will not be allowed in the pool areas. read more


Vessel records are being updated in the Office. All vessel owners are required to tender a copy of a current vessel registration to the Office and pick a tag which must be displayed on the vessel in a visible (from the seawall) location. Vessels who have not complied by May 1 may be subject to... read more

Rex Place. Important!

All of the MBYCC parking lot is scheduled to be re-paved next week. All vehicles will need to be moved from parking spaces. Parking can be had in The City Parking area, inside the complex, and hopefully on the Rec Center side of the street which will be paved first. Parking places will be coned off as they become available. Please DO NOT move cones or attempt to park in these spaces once restricted. All owners who rent should notify their tenants or managing agent of this need. Cars WILL BE TOWED if needed. The good news is we will have a nice new parking lot and road by Easter – with any luck. Any questions contact the... read more

Pool Wrist Bands – Additional Information

POOL WRIST BANDS   GOAL: To clear the pool(s) of individuals who are not registered at the office under the Rules and Regulations provisions. This procedure will also allow the office to monitor and control the amount of people that are staying in each unit per the code regulations of One Bedroom (4 people max.), Two Bedroom (6 people max.), and Three Bedroom (8 people max.).   ISSUANCE: Each unit owner will be given wristbands up to the allowable amount per unit (see above). It is the responsibility of the unit owner to obtain the bands for their unit by contacting the office.   EFFECTIVE DATE: All persons will be required to wear a wrist band while in the pool area(s) beginning April 1, 2018.   ENFORCEMENT: Individuals not wearing their bands will be asked to leave the pool area. Failure to do so can be considered trespass of private property and the Pinellas Sheriff may be informed.   LOST/DAMAGED BANDS: In the event a band is lost, a new one may be purchased for 25.00. If a band is damaged, broken or torn and is unwearable, it may be replaced by the office free of charge.   ADDITIONAL GUEST WRIST BANDS: Guest bands may be obtained through the office with a deposit of 100.00 which is refundable when the bands are returned to the... read more

New Pool Wrist Bands are in

Come and get ’em! The new bands have arrived. Get into the office and pick yours up. Fashionable and custom-designed. OK, maybe not so much, but they will need to be worn when in the pool areas after April 1. And that’s no April Fool. Speaking of which, April Fools Day this year falls on Easter.  That last happened in the 50’s. When this rare match occurs you’re supposed to tell your kids to search for the eggs you didn’t hide.... read more

Construction on Rex Place Update

Beginning the 1st week in March the curbing on the Condo side of Rex will begin.   As the work progresses, the east end and middle gates will be closed for two (2) days for the work, then time for the concrete to cure before traffic can start back up.   You will be given notice and signs will be placed at each gate to let you know that the work will begin.   The week of March 6th milling will begin on the ball field side of Rex Place.  No approximate date for how long it will take for the road once the milling begins.     Circus   The circus scheduled to be during Spring Break will continue as planned with all of the rides contained within the grounds belonging to the City of Madeira Beach.  No rides will be on the street this... read more

Not to state the obvious, but street work has begun on Rex Place and will be in progress for some time. The contractor and the City are working with us to minimize inconvenience, but there will be the need to move vehicles on occasion, and so we all need to be aware of what’s going on. Cars will get notices on their windshield requesting relocation and any spaces coned off are scheduled to be worked on the following day. Please contact the office if you need any updates, and try not to disturb the contractors in their... read more

Madeira Beach Yacht Club Recreation Events

    Madeira Beach December Events   Looking for a great place for your holiday party this year?  The City of Madeira Beach offers spaces for parties of all sizes. Schedule a tour today to see all of the waterfront buildings. Read on…       Madeira Beach Youth Basketball Registration Now Open! More information here       Ferry Stop #5 The Madeira Beach Recreation Center (200 Rex Place, Madiera Beach FL) is stop #5 along the route. For more information… Click Here For More Info       Fitness Classes The Madeira Beach Recreation Center offers an array of Fitness Classes and activities for residents and non-residents alike. Utilizing the new recreation center, new city centre, recreation fields, and our beautiful beaches, an exciting variety of activities will be available throughout the week. Read on…       City of Madeira Beach 300 Municipal Drive Madeira Beach, FL 33708 727-391-9951   Madeira Beach Recreation 200 Rex Place Madeira Beach, FL 33708 727-392-0665     December Events Join us in Madeira Beach all month long at any one of the numerous events or activities going on in our beautiful beach town! Click here for more info!       51st Annual Madeira Beach “Festival of Lights” Boat Parade Join us Saturday Dec. 9th, at 6:30pm, the parade will begin at ROC Park and end in John’s Pass. Prime viewing will be available at ROC Park with a food truck, Christmas tree, and a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Click here for more info!       Rex Place Road Construction and Drainage Improvements The City of Madeira Beach has contracted with... read more

Important Meeting at City Hall

A meeting is being held on Thursday, December 7 at 9 a.m. at City Hall across the street regarding the planned work on Rex Place by the City of Madeira Beach. The work, which is scheduled to begin shortly, will impact the access and parking for the Madeira Beach Yacht Club, particularly those living east of the main entrance, and should be attended by all concerned owners and... read more

Big Pool Work

The work on the large pool is scheduled to be completed next week; however, the chemicals need to be rebalanced before it is safe to swim in and this may not be accomplished before the Thanksgiving weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience. The essentially ‘new’ pool will be opened as soon as we are able. Thank you for your... read more

Big Pool Closed

The Big Pool by the Clubhouse will be closed for renovation beginning November 6th. Stay tuned for the date of the grand re-opening! OK, maybe it won’t look EXACTLY like this.... read more

Short Term Rentals

This is just an FYI for owners who rent. Florida is getting tougher on short-term rentals as evidenced by this action from Miami-Dade. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article179398156.html Owners who rent short-term should be aware that they need to comply with City ordinances regarding rentals and also abide by the Rules and Regulations of the MBYCC Association with regard to rentals. We have had a number of recent violations and will enforce the regulatory documents of the Association with all tools available.... read more

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

There will be a Neighborhood Watch presentation in the MBYCC clubhouse on November 29 at 7 pm.  The meeting is open to everyone at the Yacht Club.   Deputy Obrien and our 2 Community Service Officers will be presenting a personal and property safety discussion and will entertain any and all questions.  This is a great opportunity to meet and talk to our local Officers.   We will post a notice on the bulletin board... read more

Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Info

Following is information related to the recent disaster Hurricane Irma to be used by anyone who rents or owns their property or who receives food stamps. Duke Energy suspends late payment charges, estimated bills and disconnections during Florida storm restoration. If you lost power for more than 2 days and lost food, you may be reimbursed for that loss.  Call Duke Energy at 1-855-398-2370 Citizens who experienced any damage to their property as a result of Hurricane Irma can apply for federal assistance through FEMA by visiting www.DisasterAssistance.gov To apply by phone, call the number 1-800-621-3362 (TTY 1-800-462-7585 for speech- or hearing-impaired). Those considering hiring contractors to repair damages are advised to always verify that the contractor is licensed.  Previous phone #800-621-3364 is INVALID. Operation Blue Roof.   The recent hurricanes have left many homeowners with damaged roofs. Repairs to these roofs can take time. In order to mitigate additional damage that could result from rain, homeowners can have plastic sheeting installed over the damaged area by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractors, in a program provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).     The toll-free BLUE ROOF hotline number is 1-888-ROOF-BLU or 1-888-766-3258. For this information in Spanish, call 1-800-403-0573. Crisis Cleanup empowers relief organizations to instantly coordinate response efforts in real time, redirecting thousands of volunteers from to waiting lines to survivors’ basements. Crisis Cleanup was developed by and for field volunteers, team leaders, canvassers, and the people who work one-on-one with survivors whose homes have been affected by flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, wind, fire, or other disaster. Crisis Cleanup can respond to a new disaster the same day, permitting... read more

All power is on

Just a new week update. We have full power at the Yacht Club now and the staff worked through the weekend to get things back in order. We will be focusing on cleaning up the landscape this week, and also making further assessments on any damages, especially the gutters and downspouts and the main gate. Please feel free to notify the office of any possible damages you... read more

Power is on at MBYCC

Good news to all residents at MBYCC.  Some power was restored late last night, while others did not get power until early this morning.  While the power was restored, some units still had no a/c, cable or internet connection.  Around 9 a.m. this morning, most everyone we knew had power and was back up and running. By that time Thom was feeling better and on site around 5:00 a.m. checking on things.  Both pools have been cleaned and back up and running.  The Clubhouse is now open as usual.  The mail has been running since Tuesday this week, even though they still don’t have power. There are still many places without power.  Please keep those individuals in your thoughts and prayers as the temperature (with heat index) is around and just above 100 degrees daily. Many of owners has had someone here to check their units.  If you do not have anyone to check your unit and you have left food in your fridge, then please contact the office because rotten food will attract flies and other insects you would not want inside your unit.  We are slowly getting back on track and now have more time to deal with individuals. Thank you to all of you that has helped us and neighbors out during this time.  Your time and effort is much appreciated.  Keep well,... read more

Update September 15, 2017

Another day with no power.  Some owners are still holding out with the heat while staying in their units, while others come in for the day and seek refuge in the evenings and night. Duke Energy is still promising that we all will have power by midnight tonight so I hope I have good news to report tomorrow afternoon.  If power is restored, the maintenance staff and I will he on hand tomorrow to try and get caught up on your emails and phone messages. Thom is out sick the strept throat and we hope he is feeling better by Monday so he can return to work and be able to contact those owners that have called or emailed him.  In the meantime, we will try and keep you updated. Our insurance company has been contacted and we have been told to get our contractors out to assess any damages and make a full report to see where we stand in regards to filing a claim.  So far roofers, gutter people and the gate company have been contacted to get the roofs, gutters and soffits and gates inspected. We would like to solicit your help with some of these things. Once you arrive back on the property, please check your unit for any damage, water leaks and/or problems that may be related to the hurricane. Also, check your attics for any possible signs of roof leaks or damage. Report anything suspecious to the office.  We have been advised not to file any claims that are less than 5% of the insured value. Any input would be helpful. We have... read more

September 14, 2017 It has now been a week since the barrier islands was given a mandatory evacuation. MBYCC still does not have the electricity restored.  Today the temperture (with the heat index) is 104 degrees.  Many of the owners that have returned come early of a morning, but seek shelter elsewhere by noon due to the heat and fear of a heat stroke.  Ice cannot be found in most places and thousands are still without power, but we hear that section by section is being restored and Duke Energy has posted that all power for Pinellas County should all be restored by Friday afternoon. I had to close the office today because of the heat and dehydration. I still make several trips a day back and forth to see if the power has been restored and some owners tough it out through the heat.  I don’t know how they do it.  As soon as I know the power has been restored, I will be back here on the website to let you know. Many of the refridgerators have been emptied and food thrown away due to the heat and no power. Thank all of you that followed up on the advice.  Tom still has the emergency phone that you can call for more information. The phone in the office will not be back on until power has been restored.  In the meantime, as long as you hear a busy signal when you call, means that the power is not back on. The staff has been to MBYCC on a daily basis and slowly cleaning and restoring the complex.... read more

Hurricane update 9/13/17

September 13, 2017 Today is the first time that we have been able to contact our owners.  We are now going on several days after Hurricane Irma and MBYCC has no power.  As for damage; we are grateful that we have not suffered the damage that other counties have have suffered, since the hurricane decided to move towards the middle of the state as it approached Pinellas County.  We did not get the surge that was expected which was our biggest concern for the barrier islands. Some units have been checked and we have found little or no damage.  There are several gutters, soffits and signs blown around the complex along wtih limbs, trash and debris. Several grills were overturned, but none blown loose.  We have put them in the upright positions, but most that were overturned did get some sort of damage.  We had one boat where the pilings broke loose and the boat sank and one enclosed patio at the 363 building was torn off the building and landed one building over.  The main gate (entrance & exit) has suffered damage and it may be more time before they will be back up and operational.  We have not been able to open the entrance gate, so the exit gate is now being used to enter and exit the complex.  The middle and far east gates are open. Right now the main concern, for you as owners, is to try and find someone to go into your unit and take any food that may have been left in your refrigerators and have it removed, uplug the fridge and... read more

Preparing for Hurricane Irma

While there is still some uncertainty surrounding Hurricane Irma’s path, we are posting emergency management info to our website in the hope that it may be useful for you. You can also find our Hurricane Preparedness Plan here. Be safe!   We are concerned for your safety. Please read the following information: Remember: Move all loose outdoor items inside.   Immediate Release #1 11:55 a.m. Sept. 5, 2017 Media Contact Only EOC Media Line: (727) 464-3820     Pinellas County monitoring Hurricane Irma Residents advised to review preparedness plans   Pinellas County is monitoring track of Hurricane Irma, now a Category 5 storm Residents advised to review and finalize hurricane preparedness plans Checklist can be found online at www.pinellascounty.org/emergency/prepareahead.htm The Citizen Information Center is open for preparedness questions. Call (727) 464-4333. Sandbag distribution locations have been activated for residents in unincorporated Pinellas County assigned hashtag #PinellasIrma for social media updates Web updates will be posted online at www.pinellascounty.org   Pinellas County Emergency Management is closely monitoring Hurricane Irma and advising residents to stay updated on the weather and ensure plans are in place.   According to the National Weather Service, the effect of Hurricane Irma on Tampa Bay is uncertain. Irma is moving toward the west near 14 mph, and this general motion is expected to continue today, followed by a turn toward the west-northwest tonight.   The Citizen Information Center is now open for residents until 8 p.m. Residents can call (727) 464-4333 for preparedness questions. The information line is scheduled to be open daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Thursday, at this time.   To allow... read more

Main Gate Goes Live!

The new main gate entry system is scheduled to go live Monday, July 31. From that day forward access may be gained using your RFID tag attached to your vehicle, the code that has been assigned to your unit, by dialing the phone number supplied by you (this is the same way as the old system) and pressing 9 on your phone, or by dialing the office code (0033 – call) during normal office hours. Owners who rent must contact the office to obtain a code for your renter along with the required paperwork and payment PRIOR to occupancy.... read more

The Main Gate

The main gate is operational now, but we have not begun to lower it until all the data entry for each unit has been accomplished. This is to minimize inconvenience. The Board of Directors asks that owners with vehicles that are not currently on property contact the office to make arrangements to come in to receive their RFID access tag and have it applied to their vehicle. Also, and very important, please provide the office with an updated phone number if you want it entered into the system. That phone number will be the one a guest will use to call you to gain access. This can be a land line, cell phone, or long distance line. For owners who rent their unit, please contact the office to obtain a code which you can utilize for your renter. This code will only be activated for each rental period. Additionally, the new phone system at the gate will still use the same code for the office who can activate entry during business hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office. The Board worked hard to provide the community with a more secure gate system. While there may be some adjustment period, we are confident the new system will operate effectively for... read more

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July All! We hope everyone has a great time. Please remember that fireworks are not allowed anywhere on the property and glass is never allowed in the pool areas – both for obvious reasons. The Office will be closed on Monday the 3rd. Parking passes may be picked up either Saturday the 1st or Wednesday the 5th.  ... read more

Summer is Here!

Well, maybe not officially, but certainly weather-wise. It’s hot. It’s sticky. It rains a lot. Our new roofs are holding up wonderfully, but the rain brings other challenges, among them street flooding. Our inside street, Medallion Blvd., has a long history  of flooding in a good downpour, particularly around the big pool area. Fortunately, we are not in our busy season and so parking is ample enough to allow you to move your vehicle to another spot. Rex can also flood by the Fire Station. Drive carefully. The City has plans to redo the storm drains on Rex Place someday and when that happens we are hopeful it will alleviate some of our flooding issues. Florida beaches are still a wonderful place to be in the summer. Dress appropriately, drink plenty of fluids, and have a good time!... read more

Proposed Rules and Regulations changes second reading Notice

There will be a second reading and motion for adoption at the regularly scheduled Board of Director’s meeting on May 17th, 2017 at 7pm in the Clubhouse. The proposed changes which were first read at the April 19 meeting are as follows:   Proposed Rules and Regulations changes for Madeira Beach Yacht Club Condominiums, Inc.   #VI – N – SMOKING – adding… “Defining smoking for the purpose of MBYCC includes all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapor, e-cigarettes and any item which produces products of combustion, vapor or pollutants into the air.” “Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.” “Smoking is prohibited in the pool areas, all interior walkways, and at the tables and benches throughout the community.”   #VI – DD2 Pg. 9 – USE OF OTHER COMBUSTIBLES – change to… “Lightweight charcoal, gas grills, and hibachis. “They may not be used on the community tables or benches.”   #XII – G Pg., 14 – PARKING – adding… “Truck tailgates must be in the closed position.” “Every vehicle must be permitted and in compliance or be subject to towing.”   And delete… “…any vehicle with signage.”   #XIV #14 Pg. 15 – POOL RULES – adding… “Pool wristbands must be worn as... read more

King of the Beach this weekend.

The King of the Beach Fishing Tournament is this weekend – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The City has gotten pretty good at hosting these events and we don’t expect any issues; however, there will be the usual added traffic on Rex Place due to the various comings and goings associated with the event. Our front gate should be operational this week, so we shouldn’t have to worry about ‘vehicular intrusion’. Renters should make sure to get their parking passes as it is difficult to come down Rex Place without it during the event. Here’s hoping everyone has a fun week and even ‘funner’... read more

Work on Main Gate

Work is scheduled to be performed on the Main Gate beginning Tuesday, April 4, 2017. This work may entail entry interruptions and/or the absence of a front gate for several days. Please contact the office with any questions. read more

Upcoming Events

Well, it’s that time of year again and the City of Madeira Beach has an event planned for this upcoming weekend, Thursday through Sunday. It is advertised as a Spring Break Celebration and will include the carnival with rides. This means Rex Place will be a busy road. The City is getting quite good at hosting these events however, and we don’t anticipate any issues. The five parking spaces in front of the shuffleboard courts will be closed to MBYCC parking to allow for emergency vehicle access. If you have parked there previously please use another space for those days. We are in the heart of our season and enjoying great weather. We are hoping everyone is enjoying themselves during this busy... read more

City Updates

Good Morning to All,      Starting tomorrow the Tampa Bay Ferry will be running 5 days per week, Wednesday thru Sunday ALL Day from 10am till 10pm! Free parking at  the Jungle Prada and Madeira Beach Marina locations. Avoid the traffic and join us for a much more enjoyable way to travel along the beautiful intracoastal waterway. Refreshments are available on board. We hope to see you!   Check out our schedule and Stop locations at info@tampabayferry.com     Saturday, March 4th at Madeira Beach Marina, Ferry Stop #4   Mar 4 @ 7:00 am till 12pm City-Wide Garage Sale  Every year Madeira Beach has a CITY-WIDE garage sale.  All the residents are welcome to participate. The Old Salt Fishing Foundation participates and has their goods plus other marine oriented vendor out selling that day – located at the Madeira Beach Marina.               Sunday, March 5th at the Sacred lands Preservation, Ferry Stop #7       Tours are offered every Sunday at 4pm at the Sacred Lands Preservation in the historic section of Jungle Prada. This tour explores the lives of the Tocabaga people and provides detailed information about Florida’s native flora and fauna. The site sits on Boca Ciega Bay and from the docks you can spot a variety of birds and marine life. The Greenhouse Auditorium is located on the property as well as the famous Indian Mound.           Upcoming Events!!       Ferry Stop #7 at Jungle Prada         FREE Beach Movie Night! Friday, March 10th 7-10pm at Archibald Park.   Ferry Stop # 5... read more

New Furniture

We are looking to purchase new outdoor furniture for the community this year. An example has been placed at the Clubhouse pool. Please feel free to go around and have a look and let us know what you think. Also, we are actively seeking owners interested in being on committees. The committees are: Budget Committee, Landscape Committee, Pool Committee, and Rules and Regulations Committee. If you are interested in contributing time to any one of these, please feel free to contact the office and we will sign you... read more

Boat Parade!

The Boat Parade is coming. Go to the Madeira Beach website for details. The December Board meeting will take place Wednesday, December 14, at 10:00am in the Clubhouse. The January Annual Meeting is January 25th at 7pm. Owners will be receiving mail outs with the candidate list for those running for the open Board... read more


Once again, shouting out for proxies. REMEMBER, if we don’t get enough proxies, we have to fully fund our reserves and YOUR FEES WILL GO UP! Deadline is next Wednesday (the 16th). PLUHEEEEZE get your proxies in to the office by hand-delivery, email, mail, pony express, drone, whatever... read more


Hey Gang, Let’s make sure to fill out our proxies and get them mailed in and/or handed in at the office pronto. The Budget Meeting is November 16th (just a couple of weeks away) and we need sufficient votes to get it passed. Help us out. Help out your community. Get ’em in!... read more

And the Paint goes on!

The painting project continues apace. We are finishing up Phase 2 and will be moving to Phase 3 next week. Phase 3 will include buildings 331, 329, 315, 301, 275, 261, 259, 245, 231, and 215. Residents and those renting units in that area should be aware of the activity around them. It is helpful to move your car from the buildings the painters are working on. Sidewalka are being painted also so be aware of wet paint areas. The work is going well and the community is looking much better for... read more

Ferry Service?

  For Immediate Release    FERRY & TAXI SERVICE TO BEGIN IN MADEIRA BEACH   Information Session / Press Conference to be hosted at City of Madeira Beach City Hall on Thursday, September 14th 3:00 PM   CITY OF MADEIRA BEACH, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 –   Join us tomorrow for an informational session as the City of Madeira Beach introduces regularly scheduled ferry services to begin this October. “We are looking forward to offering residents and visitors an alternative way to get around our City. We believe our waterways are the future of transportation for our City.” – Travis Palladeno, Mayor of Madeira Beach The City of Madeira Beach will be hosting an educational seminar on the waterborne transportation system in collaboration with Hubbard’s Marina and Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber. “We are excited to be on the forefront of waterborne transportation for Pinellas County and are hoping to connect with our surrounding communities.” – Shane Crawford, Madeira Beach City Manager The boats will begin by running to nine designated locations including John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, Jungle Prada Park and Gator’s Café and Saloon. Additional locations can be found; http://www.tampabayferry.com/madeira-beach-taxi-route/.  Grand opening and ribbon cutting for the boat will be held in conjunction with John’s Pass Seafood Festival at Hubbard’s Marina at 2:00 pm on October 28th, 2016.   More information on Tampa Bay Ferry can be found at http://www.tampabayferry.com or by calling Captain Mark Hubbard at (727) 393-1947.   City of Madeira Beach   If you would like more information about this topic or other events and activities involving the City of Madeira Beach Recreation Department, please contact... read more