After our great success obtaining more than 180 owners signatures to change the paint color on our condos, we are off to a great start. The Board saw the petition only as a survey. We now have to have 227 signatures of owners to make it official on the MBYCC ballot. Please do not get discouraged, we are almost there. At this time we have more than 160 votes, but need 227. We have 55 people who signed our petition out of 180 who have not yet returned their ballot. We also have 10 votes that were turned into the office with no unit number on the outside of the envelope. These WILL NOT COUNT unless the info is inside on the ballot and no place was designated for that info. If you think you might be one of the ten, please contact me via email at and I will let you know if we have yours recorded. If you DID NOT receive a ballot due to traveling, etc, please let Rita know at the office. Every single vote is going to count. WE CAN DO THIS!

By going to you can see all the news up to this point. We are vey excited about this and with all of us working together I think we can make it. If you have already voted, then thank you for your vote.

Mary Neff
Say No to Grey
January 2015


Bike room fees are now due. If you have a spot in the bike room then the fees are now due in the amount of $25 per bike. All bikes that do not have the current 2015/2016 stickers will be tagged and fees need to be paid by January 31st in order to maintain your space in the bike room.
December 30, 2014

New payment options made available for your monthly maintenance fees

BB&T now is accepting Visa & American express online payment options. You can go to the owner’s page for full details and view the payment agreement, terms and conditions.