Sealing of the parking area – second phase – will begin December 8, 2015 from the entrance gate through No Name Street. If you parked in that area, you will need to move your vehicle to Rex Place, east or west of that area until the sealing and striping is complete. If the office does not have a key on file

Recycling on No Name Street
The recycling bins that were located by the 260 & 301 Buildings have now been moved north on No Name St. by the exit/entrance gate due to the use of the bins that was over flowing. There will now be 3 dumpsters in that area to accomadate the amount of use and overflowing issues.

Response to the Drakeley letter
The Board has decided to respond to the letter from Christie Drakeley that was sent out to all owners. To see their response, please click on the link below.
Response to Drakeley Letter