September 13, 2017

Today is the first time that we have been able to contact our owners.  We are now going on several days after Hurricane Irma and MBYCC has no power.  As for damage; we are grateful that we have not suffered the damage that other counties have have suffered, since the hurricane decided to move towards the middle of the state as it approached Pinellas County.  We did not get the surge that was expected which was our biggest concern for the barrier islands.

Some units have been checked and we have found little or no damage.  There are several gutters, soffits and signs blown around the complex along wtih limbs, trash and debris. Several grills were overturned, but none blown loose.  We have put them in the upright positions, but most that were overturned did get some sort of damage.  We had one boat where the pilings broke loose and the boat sank and one enclosed patio at the 363 building was torn off the building and landed one building over.  The main gate (entrance & exit) has suffered damage and it may be more time before they will be back up and operational.  We have not been able to open the entrance gate, so the exit gate is now being used to enter and exit the complex.  The middle and far east gates are open.

Right now the main concern, for you as owners, is to try and find someone to go into your unit and take any food that may have been left in your refrigerators and have it removed, uplug the fridge and open the doors.  Several units we have been in already has food in the freezer that has thawed and has begun to smell.  You cannot wait until you arrive back or depend on the electric to come back on to remedy the problem. Another day or two and it may be too late and you may have to remove your refrigator.

With the electric off, we have no way of you contacting the office.  The phone system is also down until power is restored, so please be patient until we are able to answer your calls ane emails.  We will try and get to them ASAP once we are back in operation.

If you do not have an emergency, please wait a day or two before trying to call since we will be overwhelmed for the first couple of days.

Overall, we did very well and do not have any damage that needs to be addressed as an emergency and we are working hard to get back to normal and there should not be any reason or concerns that would keep you from staying in your unit other than the power being off with no air conditioning.

We are grateful and counting our blessings that we did well, no deaths to report and we’re still all here. Keep up with the website for further details and updates once we’ve had time to clean up and assess the property in depth.