The office is getting an overwhelming amount of mail coming through the office because tenants are coming in, forwarding their mail to find that the owner has not given them a mailbox key to get their mail. We are spending 45 minutes to an hour a day sorting mail and packages that the tenants cannot get in the mailbox or the mailman has no way of knowing who is suppose to be getting mail. After that, we have to search our files to find if that person is actually here or not. If they are here, then time is spent trying to locate that person to let them know they have mail. We have several tenants that do not have a key, so they direct that their mail comes to the office so it can be picked up here. We do not have a mail service in the office, but do this as a courtesy for the tenant we feel should not have to go without their mail due to an oversight on the owner’s part.

Unit owners are responsible to see that their tenants that are going to be here for more than a month receive mailbox keys in order to receive their mail. The office cannot be responsible to see to their needs when it comes to mail. If you do not want your tenant to have a mailbox key, then they need to be directed to the post office (right around the corner) in order to set up a post office box there instead of having the mail sent here.

Also keep in mind that when forwarding mail, let your tenants know that 210 Medallion is not part of their address. It is the unit number only. If 210 is part of the address then all mail with those numbers will come directly to the office, no matter what unit number is on the envelope. If you have questions in regard to forwarding mail please contact the office prior to renting a unit. Thank you.