Over the last few years more and more people renting or selling their units have attached lock boxes to the perimeter gate railings for the convenience of their tenants or perspective buyers. Several owners have complained due to the unsightly look of the amount of lockboxes that accumulated and wanted the lock boxes removed.

So in a effort to remedy the problem, railings have now been installed next to the perimeter wall just east of the entrance gate especially for lock boxes. This has been added for the convenience of your visitors and/or tenants or realtors. Once you have installed your lock box, please mark it with your unit number so it can be easily identified. This way tenants or guests will not have to walk to the unit, pick up the keys, then have to return to the entrance gate to retrieve their vehicles to enter the complex.

For those of you selling your unit, please inform your realtor that they can no longer attach their lock boxes to the perimeter fence rails. They must comply or they may be at risk of their locks being removed by the Association.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 727-393-0778.

March 31, 2015


The flood policy for the complex has been renewed and will take affect April 3, 2015. The declaration pages as proof of insurance, can be located on the owner’s page of this website. Please note that if you need a certificate of insurance for your lender, they will not accept the declaration page as proof of insurance. You will need to print out the form for BB&T Insurance services (also located on the owner’s page), fill it out and submit it to BB&T either by fax or e-mail. They will fax the necessary certificate to your lender. At the bottom of the form under fax or e-mail to, you can put your e-mail address and they will send you a copy of the certificate for your records.


At the last Board of Directors meeting the Board elected to hire a security company to patrol the complex when special events were being held across the street at the recreation center or City Hall. During this time the security guard on duty has been advised to tow any vehicle that does not have a permanent sticker or pass displayed on their vehicle. A letter has been written on behalf of the Board concerning the issue. If you have a rental agent handling the rental of your unit please advise them of the dates listed below and the need to make sure your tenant has a pass. Please click on the link below to review the letter.

Security and towing of vehicles
Schedule for on site security

Those special dates that security will be on site are as follows:

March 21, 22
March 27, 28, 29
April 3, 4, 5
April 11, 12
April 30
May 1
May 22, 23, 24, 25
July 3, 4, 5
September 6, 7, 8