With the overwhelming amount of time spent on rentals in our office (that is designed to be the managing agent for the Association and not dealing with the daily routine of rentals) the Board of Directors has decided to fall back on the original documents pertaining to rentals.


This is, in part, due to the huge increase of investment owned units now at MBYCC.  With the increasing amount of rentals not turned into the office in a timely manner, last minute rentals and our office having to follow up on renters that come in with no paperwork at all, at least 60% of the day is dealing with rentals.


On a daily routine, we are asked the best places to eat, asked for supplies for the units, receive daily mail because renters have not been provided mailbox keys for the unit, directions, asking for entry to units because codes have been changed, instructions on how to get in the gate, extra fobs/gate keys, to carry luggage, complaints about the units, sales and rental referrals and the list goes on.


The Association has become so overwhelmed with the increase of rentals that we are now having to bring in temporary help during the turnover at the beginning of the month to help with just the rentals.


One big issue has been the increase of renters showing up with service dogs with no notification from owners or agencies that there will be a service animal on the property.  Owners have not been notified that a service animal is staying in their unit.  It is our office that is the front runner of complaints.


We have revised the application for rentals that has been attached.  We expect to see this form used for all your rentals moving forward.  Please take the time to read the information in this email and the MBYCC documents backing up the changes going forward.


Give our office a call if you have any questions and speak to myself or Tom in regards to these changes.


Rental policy per documents 2018