New manager:

We would like to welcome Thomas “Tom” Petty back as the new/old manager to MBYCC. We look forward to putting him back into the relm of the every day process. If you get a moment, stop by and say hello.


The parking area from the entrance gate to the west end has been sealed and looks great. We hope to start working our way east to make the rest of the complex look great as well. Keep in mind that if you have a vehicle parked here and you are not here, we will need the keys or someones name on file to move your vehicle or it will be towed to another location on the property and that owner will be responsible for the tow.


Most of the bikes can be identified and you will be notified if the bikes need to be moved for the sealing. Any bike that cannot be identified or the owner cannot be contacted, the locks will be removed in order to move the bike rack. Please notify the office when you get the time to make arrangements for moving your bikes.