Preparing for Hurricane Irma

While there is still some uncertainty surrounding Hurricane Irma’s path, we are posting emergency management info to our website in the hope that it may be useful for you. You can also find our Hurricane Preparedness Plan here. Be safe!   We are concerned for your safety. Please read the following information: Remember: Move all… Continue reading Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Main Gate Goes Live!

The new main gate entry system is scheduled to go live Monday, July 31. From that day forward access may be gained using your RFID tag attached to your vehicle, the code that has been assigned to your unit, by dialing the phone number supplied by you (this is the same way as the old… Continue reading Main Gate Goes Live!

The Main Gate

The main gate is operational now, but we have not begun to lower it until all the data entry for each unit has been accomplished. This is to minimize inconvenience. The Board of Directors asks that owners with vehicles that are not currently on property contact the office to make arrangements to come in to… Continue reading The Main Gate

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July All! We hope everyone has a great time. Please remember that fireworks are not allowed anywhere on the property and glass is never allowed in the pool areas – both for obvious reasons. The Office will be closed on Monday the 3rd. Parking passes may be picked up either Saturday the… Continue reading Happy Fourth!

Summer is Here!

Well, maybe not officially, but certainly weather-wise. It’s hot. It’s sticky. It rains a lot. Our new roofs are holding up wonderfully, but the rain brings other challenges, among them street flooding. Our inside street, Medallion Blvd., has a long history¬† of flooding in a good downpour, particularly around the big pool area. Fortunately, we… Continue reading Summer is Here!

Rules Change Adoption

Below are the Rules and Regulations changes adopted at the last Board meeting.   Rules changes 2017 final


The water to the entire property will be shut off on Wednesday, May 31st beginning at 9:30 am for a period of several hours. Please plan accordingly.

Hurricane Preparedness Plan 2017

The updated Hurricane Preparedness Plan has been posted to the Emergency page of the website. Please feel free to open or download or print and peruse.