Is it in my unit or is it the Associations Problem?

When unit owners discover an issue with the plumbing backing up or a domestic water pipe leaking, the first thing they do is call a plumber. When it is discovered that is not their responsibly they expect the association to pay for the plumber.

After years of research with many different plumbers with pricing and knowledge of our issues here at MBYCC, we have discovered one plumber that we feel has knowledge of our property and the most reasonable rates.

Our preferred plumber is Rich Leitold and his number is 727 393 7982

Rich has been our preferred plumber for the last eight years and is fully licensed and insured in the State of Florida.

If an owner decides to call a different plumber, you are required to notify the Association Office first and we will only reimburse for issues that are determined to be the association’s problems and at the rates we pay Leitold Plumbing.

We also want to remind all renter, tenants and owners not to flush or put anything other than toilet paper in the toilets.

D/C Sec 5-b—Page 89

Association Office—727 393 0778

After Hours Emergency – 727 432 0276


Preferred Vendor and Contractors;

Plumbing———-Rich Leitold Plumbing—727 393 7982

Electric————Interbay Electric – Mike –727 463 3516