GOAL: To clear the pool(s) of individuals who are not registered at the office under the Rules and Regulations provisions. This procedure will also allow the office to monitor and control the amount of people that are staying in each unit per the code regulations of One Bedroom (4 people max.), Two Bedroom (6 people max.), and Three Bedroom (8 people max.).


ISSUANCE: Each unit owner will be given wristbands up to the allowable amount per unit (see above). It is the responsibility of the unit owner to obtain the bands for their unit by contacting the office.


EFFECTIVE DATE: All persons will be required to wear a wrist band while in the pool area(s) beginning April 1, 2018.


ENFORCEMENT: Individuals not wearing their bands will be asked to leave the pool area. Failure to do so can be considered trespass of private property and the Pinellas Sheriff may be informed.


LOST/DAMAGED BANDS: In the event a band is lost, a new one may be purchased for 25.00. If a band is damaged, broken or torn and is unwearable, it may be replaced by the office free of charge.


ADDITIONAL GUEST WRIST BANDS: Guest bands may be obtained through the office with a deposit of 100.00 which is refundable when the bands are returned to the office.