Good news to all residents at MBYCC.  Some power was restored late last night, while others did not get power until early this morning.  While the power was restored, some units still had no a/c, cable or internet connection.  Around 9 a.m. this morning, most everyone we knew had power and was back up and running.

By that time Thom was feeling better and on site around 5:00 a.m. checking on things.  Both pools have been cleaned and back up and running.  The Clubhouse is now open as usual.  The mail has been running since Tuesday this week, even though they still don’t have power.

There are still many places without power.  Please keep those individuals in your thoughts and prayers as the temperature (with heat index) is around and just above 100 degrees daily.

Many of owners has had someone here to check their units.  If you do not have anyone to check your unit and you have left food in your fridge, then please contact the office because rotten food will attract flies and other insects you would not want inside your unit.  We are slowly getting back on track and now have more time to deal with individuals.

Thank you to all of you that has helped us and neighbors out during this time.  Your time and effort is much appreciated.  Keep well, Rita