Rules and Regulations

(This is a condensed listing of the rules and regulations at the MBYCC. A complete listing of all rules and regulations is located in the mail room.  You may also obtain a copy at the Office. Additionally, there is a link at the bottom of this page that you may download to print.)


1. QUIET HOURS are from 11 PM to 8 AM.

2. Refer to the age restrictions posted on the Rules in the pool area, the fishing piers, the billiard room, the hot tub, and the exercise room.

3. NO SMOKING in any interior public areas or within the gated pool areas. There are designated areas throughout the complex.

4. Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters are prohibited in the MBYCC.  Bike riding is permitted only on the asphalt roadway to enter or leave the complex.

5. Renters are not allowed to bring pets to the MBYCC.  Owners may have a pet only if the requirements of the Rules and Regulations are met.

6. Propane and charcoal grills are to be used only in the common areas of the complex.  Only electric grills may be used on patios and balconies.  All grills are privately owned.  Concrete tables and benches are for common use.  Please close umbrellas when you leave.

7. All vehicles parked within the MBYCC must have proper parking permits displayed at all times on the front dashboard.

8. This is a gated community.   All gates around and within the property are to be kept closed and/or locked when not in use.

9. Bathing attire is not permitted in the following areas of the clubhouse: Office, card room, billiard room, upper recreation and meeting rooms.

10. Recycling is highly encouraged at the MBYCC.  Containers are clearly marked , blue, and commingling is acceptable.  They are located at three different areas within the complex.  Please help us to keep MBYCC clean and “green.”


1. Fishing is allowed from the four fishing piers on the complex.  (Non-Florida residents need a fishing license.)

2. Diving or jumping from seawalls, individual docks or fishing piers is prohibited.


1. Pool hours are from 8:30 AM to 11 PM.
Please refer to specific pool rules posted at each pool.

2. Wrist bands must be worn at all times when inside the pool areas.


1. Every condo unit will be given two RFID stickers to attach to their vehicles. These stickers operate the main and second gates.   Each condo unit will receive a maximum of two pedestrian gate keys, as well as two fobs or cards for access to the Clubhouse. Owners who need to replace a sticker, card,  fob or gate key must complete the appropriate form at the MBYCC Office and pay a replacement fee of $20.00.  The lost or stolen device will be deactivated.  Owners who rent their unit will be given a code to pass along to their tenant which will give them access to the community for the period of their rental only. Contractors and visitors will need to call the designated phone number for each unit from the entry phone panel and the owner may them allow them entry.

2. A code number will be given out for vehicle gate access to:
a.Fire Department
b.Police Department
c.all emergency vehicles
d.UPS or FEDEX delivery trucks
e.US Post Office
f.Newspaper delivery personnel
g.all health service agencies who deliver oxygen or other medical needs
h.realtors who wish access in order to show a property personnel hired by owners to clean their units when owners are not present.

3. Under special circumstances a third RFID, card or fob may be purchased for $50.00.  A unit owner must apply for this 3rd card by completing a request form in the office which will require approval by the Property Manager upon verification of just cause and the intended use of the card.

4. Owners who rent their units: It is the owner’s responsibility to provide their renter with access to the community.  An owner may provide the renter with one of their two cards or fobs.  This card or fob could be left in the rental unit.   The renter would use it for the duration of their stay and would leave it in the condo when they leave for the use of the next renter. If an owner does not wish to give their renter one of their two cards or fobs, they could purchase a third card or fob (see No. 2 above), upon approval of the Property Manager, for the use of their renter. See above re: codes for vehicle entry. NOTE: Owners may NOT give RFID tags to renters.

5.Access Code at Gate: On the keypad a visitor or contractor needs to scroll down to owner’s name and press call.