Dog park is ready for business. With the City project across the street winding down and almost finished, we would like to announce that the Dog Park is open for business. We hardly see anyone there because we’re not sure if everyone is aware it is open. So on your next visit, with your authorized pet, please go and check it out.

September 15, 2015
The Board also changed the specifications regarding the installation of new windows. Owners can now install new windows using the 50/50 ratio which will be cheaper for owners to install new windows, plus adhere to the codes for a safer exit in case of an emergency. Keep in mind that installing new windows require Association approval. Contractors cannot get a permit without the Association approval. Anyone installing windows without approval and permit are in violation of the rules and County Codes. Anyone caught installing windows without approval will be reported to the Pinellas County Authorities plus subject to fines and perhaps lead to the removal of said windows/doors. Please contact the office if you have any questions before making any exterior changes.

This is the busy season which means you will also be getting your budget packet some time around the end of October. It is important that you vote for the partially or fully funded budget. If we do not get enough votes for the partially funded budget, then Florida Statutes require that we have to go fully funded which will result in higher maintenance fees. Once your packet has been received, please fill out the proxy and vote right away. We have found that if it is not done at the time it is received, people forget about it and we have to start making calls to get the proxies needed. Thanks to everyone for their help and support this busy time of year. We really do appreciate your support.