Possibly due to an increase in purchases this year, there seems to be a lot of remodeling going on in the community. Owners need to advise their contractors that construction debris must be removed from the property by the contractor. Construction debris fills up our dumpsters and other folks can’t put regular trash in. Units who are identified as the origin of construction debris will be fined as per the documents of the Association.

Electronics can NOT be left out for pick up. Electronics must be disposed of as per the County and Municipal Ordinances. Once again, units who can be identified (through cameras or otherwise) as the source of discarded electronics (TV’s etc.) will be fined as per the documents of the Association.

Large objects such as furniture can NOT be left at any trash area or anywhere else on Association property. Signs indicating this are at each trash area and yet some people still leave furniture and other large items. Units and/or unit owners who can be identified as discarding large objects on Association property will be fined as per the documents of the Association.

We have many short-term rentals in here now. This may be contributing to the overflow of recycling. While recycling is an admirable and encouraged practice, PLEASE do not overfill the blue recycle bins. There are bins throughout the property and if one is full others can be empty. The City only picks up recycling once a week now (down from two times), so it is on us to maintain our bins. If you are a recycler, going a little extra distance to be neat should be part of the program, right?

Folks, we live in a community. Do the right thing. Do what’s best for everyone in your community, not just an immediate convenience for yourself. Anything besides taking care of your own trash issues is just plain littering. And selfish.