Another day with no power.  Some owners are still holding out with the heat while staying in their units, while others come in for the day and seek refuge in the evenings and night.

Duke Energy is still promising that we all will have power by midnight tonight so I hope I have good news to report tomorrow afternoon.  If power is restored, the maintenance staff and I will he on hand tomorrow to try and get caught up on your emails and phone messages.

Thom is out sick the strept throat and we hope he is feeling better by Monday so he can return to work and be able to contact those owners that have called or emailed him.  In the meantime, we will try and keep you updated.

Our insurance company has been contacted and we have been told to get our contractors out to assess any damages and make a full report to see where we stand in regards to filing a claim.  So far roofers, gutter people and the gate company have been contacted to get the roofs, gutters and soffits and gates inspected. We would like to solicit your help with some of these things. Once you arrive back on the property, please check your unit for any damage, water leaks and/or problems that may be related to the hurricane. Also, check your attics for any possible signs of roof leaks or damage. Report anything suspecious to the office.  We have been advised not to file any claims that are less than 5% of the insured value. Any input would be helpful. We have up to 90 days to file a claim if necessary.

The one good thing about the hurricane, it has brought the community together as a whole and I’m amazed at the help we have received and how much owners are looking after other owner’s property.

We will try and answer all questions and hope to give you good news tomorrow once power is restored. Thank you for your patience.