The office has received calls from several owners now reporting that they have been contacted from different areas around the U.S. wanting to rent their units. In further conversations with these owners, the potential renters have received the rental rates, etc. from the owners, they have been told that they have sent the check for the rental, but have put in the wrong amount and overpaid for the rental. They then have asked for a refund for the difference.

THIS IS A SCAM: We have included some of the inquires from these potential renters. The addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers have been taken out for our protection, but one owner followed up on the information to find that the addresses and phone numbers do not exist.

If you happen to receive any of these e-mails, do not respond or make sure you are dealing with who they say they are. Ask for copies of their driver’s license or identification with the official address and, by all means, do not write a check for a refund on a check you have not received.

Here is some of the wording of e-mails received to find they do not exist: NOTE: The following is written the same as received. The spelling and wording may also give you an indication of this scam.

  1. Hello How are you doing? Is accommodation available for 2People from August 21st-August 27th 2014?? get back to me with the total cost of duration for the 2eople for 1week? If the date not available for the selected date let me know your nearest available date because our plan in coming id Flexible?And the cost per week.
    Below is the information of people coming:
    Address: (address did not exist) Alaska
    Name: Mr ———- & Mrs————
    Get back to me asap.
    Warm Regards
  2. Subject: Accommodation Enquiry….Hello…I would like to know if your accommodation is available fro October 11th – October 35th 2014. Do let me know the total cost price and the recent pictures of the accommodation . you can write me direct to my email: (email inserted) Regards. Stephan
  3. Subject: Inquiry For Lodging
    Greetings, We choose to rent your Accommodation on for our next Holiday in your area,Can you accommodate 2 Adult,No Pets & No Kids from: Arrival:September 14th- Departure Date: October 14th 2014 Duration:1Month. Below is the information for the people coming:
    Name: Mr ———-& Mrs ———————-
    Address: (address given did not exist) Iowa
    What is the total coast of duration for the whole week? (note: they ask for one month above) Incase you not available for above selected date get back to me with your alternative available date so we can select because our plan in coming is flexible. Looking forward to read from you soon along with the price so that we can pass more information about us to you in order to complete our booking.Regards.

Notice the similarity in all three e-mails. The same language, bad spelling and the lay out. Take precaution!