155 A Stan & Ana Gilman from Huntington Beach, CA

155 E Dorothy Moy from Orlando, FL

159 D Daniel & Andrea Bonivich from Redington Shores, FL

159 F Lucio & Janice DiMarco from Woodstock, Ontario Canada

165 C David & Deborah Mason from Wichita, KA

165 F & 215 C Adel Elzind & Arlene Zucconi from Redington Beach, FL

169 D Bradley & Vicky Newberry from Bethalto, IL

171 B F. Larry Joseph from Orlando, FL

171 G & 175 C Marc Gomez from Orlando, FL

179 D Kevin & Tatiana Green from Islip, NY

233 E Bryan & Kimberly Baetens from Grosse Pointe Park, MI

267 H Scott Rochelle from Mulberry, FL

275 D David & Caroline Monsell from Janetville, Ontario, Canada

317 G Lance Williamson from Laramie, WY

317 H Robert & Sandra Bernard from Evergreen, CO

329 E Gabriele & Yolanda from St. Petersburg, FL

337 G Ronald & Vi Lapka from Palos Hills, IL

363 C Jeffery Leips & Theresa D’Sauza from Mount Airy, MD

380 E & F Tina Mumm from Thurmont, MD

If you get a chance please say hello to your new neighbors. Some of them may have been repeats from an earlier date, but did not want to leave anyone out. WELCOME!