Attention Owners:


This is the time of year that lenders request updated wind mitigation forms. Some lenders require new ones when the current ones expire. However, that is not so for the commercial policy the Association maintains; therefore, there is no need for the Association to update the current wind mitigations for the buildings. Below is the advice of our insurance agent.


Good Morning Thom,


We run into this on occasion.  Unfortunately, the personal lines carriers are requesting updates to your wind mitigation reports that have been expired even though no updates have been made to your roofs or opening protection.  The commercial carriers accept the most current wind mitigation report even if it has expired.  I am not running into any issue and do not need updated wind mitigation reports.


Not all personal lines carriers are requesting new wind mitigation reports so I would suggest new/different carriers to your unit-owners or have their agent force through the current winds mits.  That is, unless, the association chose to obtain new wind mitigation reports or the unit-owner chose to pay to obtain a new report on behalf of their unit.